Beautiful Screams

The wind is getting fierce

The sky is going dark

I’m standing outside in the rain

you can see inside me

Only because I let you.

Listening to music

As the ambient bass

Vibrates through me

To my soul

I wake up

Im no longer playing pretend;

Authenticity seemed so simple

In actuality, it can be

Like driving down a curvy road

In the snow, in the dark

With only the stars to guide you.

At least im no longer

Hanging upside down

For a dollar

its just not who I am


I’ve opened

The crisp pages

Of a new book

The smell is so intoxicating

But so is the smell of leather

Although I don’t know that’s my path either.

a masochistic princess

turning primal,

She’s a squirrel

Who desperately wants

To be a wolf

But she lacks the bite,

the growl

Instead she purrs and giggles

wanting to please

towards the end

Her beautiful screams

Are echoing in the darkness.images.jpg

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