The two realities fade,

blur together, shimmer,

until reality is less palpable

you can see

between the lines

underneath thoughts

throughout time.

you can see out

but no one can see in

so why don’t you

take a look inside

my skin

lets take a ride

to 1989

and dance at my funeral

spark he’ll let me drive his LeBaron

as usual i’ll

get a speeding ticket

on the other side

have to slow it down

take it one reality at a time.


Author: Madison

I am a thirty-eight year-old kinky feminist in recovery from Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar type; PTSD/Dissociative Disorder, NOS; Substance Use Disorder, just trying to make it in life. My blog is about my day-to-day misadventures and musings.

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